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Hi! My name is Tracey Pugh Mckenzie and welcome to SociallyWize.


To understand the madness behind what I do, you must know who I am first. Red, white, and black are my favorite colors. I love to dress comfortably in leggings, t-shirts, and socks with no shoes. I love MEAT and sweet junk food. I have some intense passions and special interests that led to the creation of SociallyWize.  My passions include teaching children, making positive connections with teens, parents, and adults about social skills, spreading awareness, and helping others. 


I started this company with two main objectives... 

  1. To support children, teens, parents, educators and other adults who want to find ways to refine, develop or smooth any social skills deficiencies.

  2. To spread awareness so that more people understand the need for social skills in our world today. (I have since expanded my content to include conditions related to social anxiety, autism disorders, ADHA and many other learning styles!)


I am an educator with over 25 years of experience in the classroom as well as decades of experience with one-on-one social skills training. I have personally lived experiences with neurodivergent kids and adults. I share what I share because I feel my unique perspectives, tips and products might help others; especially parents who might not know how to best support their kids.


SociallyWize is a safe place where I welcome anyone who has positive intentions and who is willing to make an attempt at positive discourse. 


SociallyWize is a place where I share tidbits and insights that have to do with SPD and related conditions.


SociallyWize is a place where I share content that I feel will positively support parents, therapists, and educators.


SociallyWize is a place where I share (my own and others') resources related to Social Skills... you can find more about them on my website and my social media pages.


What SociallyWize is not...


SociallyWize is not a place where I will tell or infer to anyone what language they should or should not be using when referring to themselves and/or their kids. Use whatever language you like when you're describing yourself or your situation.


SociallyWize is not a forum where I will be told how to advocate and be criticized for my form of advocacy. I am intentional about making sure that I adapt and adjust as much as humanly possible to provide the most logical and up to date information in the most loving and non-judgmental way possible.


SociallyWize is not a place where every piece of content I share, and the original content creators and orgs, have been fully vetted to ensure they 100% align with what I understand to be accurate and with my values. If I share something, what's in the actual graphic and caption are what I believe to be accurate and align with my values and beliefs.


SociallyWize a place where I do not tolerate any form of bullying or harassment. I do not usually view every comment on my blog or social media posts, but if I see anything that is in the realm, I will not hesitate to delete comments and ban the offender. (Feel free to tag me if you see any harassment or bullying on any of my social media pages or my company's webpage.)


I have a lot of great information and tons of love to share! 

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