"Giving kids confidence one social skill at a time" - Tracey Pugh

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I am convinced that if a child can do cutting-edge math, speak more than one language or earn good grades, but can’t manage their emotions, practice conflict resolution or handle stress - none of the other stuff is really going to matter.   



While children build their identity, question the world around them and identify their strengths – how they talk to themselves is a major factor when it comes to determining the life they will lead. 


Being a parent, educator or student is Hard Stuff! And it is ok to seek resources, help and guidance from others to increase our social and emotional toolkit.


I love almost ALL sweet treats! Please don’t judge me. Nothing is good in excess but I find that sweet food is refreshing and hits the right spot on good days and bad ones! 


I am convinced that every person has an enormously significant story to share. There is so much intelligence, ingenuity, compassion, and talent in this world. I hope to help create tools to help authentically connect with one another.