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Academic Functioning vs Academic Tutor

What does your child really need?

How can SociallyWize help?


Do you know someone who is worried, concerned, or frustrated that their child is spending numerous hours dedicating time to their academic classes and skills, but still seem to be missing out on some of the critical life and social skills needed to navigate the ups and downs of adolescence…or to appropriately set goals so that they can accomplish what is necessary?

Many parents today are concerned that their children seem to have fallen behind in school, due to the disruptions of the past few years. Parents are also raising concerns about the various gaps that they notice in their child’s academics and gaps in their child’s social, emotional, and physical developmental growth. Many parents are reaching out to teachers, tutors, life coaches and counselors for help. Teachers, therapists, and tutors are concerned as well. So, many are seeking resources to support them with these magnified student needs.

What is Academic Functioning?

Similar to how an athletic coach encourages and supports you in becoming your best athletic self, our Academic Functioning program can help your student become their best academic self.

Our program help students develop skills and strategies to successfully navigate coursework and realize their full potential. We will work with your child to identify and utilize new learning tools and strategies to help meet your academic and personal goals.

Our program is different from academic advisors or counselors/therapists in that we help you develop academic and personal skills to become a stronger student. Through a series of one-on-one meetings, your child will work with our coach to grow in academic strength, grit, and resilience to get the student where they need to be academically.

Our Academic Functioning program provides complete support in the following areas:

  • Motivation

  • Goal setting and attainment

  • Effective study strategies

  • Problem-solving and decision-making skills

  • Time management and task prioritization

  • Recognizing and marketing your strengths

  • Adulting

Our Academic Functioning program is based on a foundational relationship of trust between the student and the coach, which can be fostered over years. And so, the coach uses a more exhaustive process, that accentuates “soft” skills, which are those beneficial life skills that are crucial to success.

  1. To be persistent

  2. To be responsible

  3. To be independent

Is your child caught up in negative ways? Are there too many distractions in their life? Then our Academic Functioning program can help them block out that noise and cut through the haze — allowing them to reach their goals.

What is an Academic Tutor?

If your child is stuck on an academic concept, creating nightmares of stress, then a tutor could be the perfect, specialized solution.

The goal of academic tutoring is to zero in on key academic concepts, to help your child get past the hurdle.

However, the source of their academic nightmares may not necessarily be the concern of a tutor. While motivation is a key part of being an effective tutor, that’s not their business.


SociallyWize’s Academic Functioning is suitable for all types of people and ages! Whether your child is struggling with ADHD, lacking motivation, not reaching their academic potential or even just want to improve their grades a bit more, we have coaching programs to suit most of your family’s needs.

The amazing thing about our coaching program is that it's a 1-on-1 human coach, and it's a small step each day. Coaching through SociallyWize will not be an overwhelming or time-consuming process. Our goal is to assist your child with building the habits and behaviors that they will need one step at a time, so they can prosper at school and in life.

Tweens and teens aren't exactly known to respond well to their parents' advice. But, they do respond well to enthusiastic, exciting role models who are not their parents! If your child develops a great relationship with their coach (which they will!), it's the start to a rewarding and life-changing experience.

Kids in our Academic Functioning program have a greater advantage and head start over their peers.

  • They take more responsibility for themselves and their success

  • They have great routines and habits

  • They study efficiently (and usually for a shorter period of time!)

  • They're well-organized

Additionally, teens who are focusing forward with our program have a much stronger chance of getting into college and pursuing the path they already know they want. They've thought it through, and they're ready to get the most that they can out of life!

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