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"Genuine confidence is a way of thinking about yourself and your abilities. Confidence is your perception of your own potential; it's a kind of long-term thinking that powers you through the obstacles and tough times, helping you solve problems and putting you in the way of success. Your confidence is quite a separate matter from your social skills." - John Elliot

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Social skills are necessary for school success. They affect how you do on the playground, in the classroom, in the workplace" --Dr. Barbara Howard an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and an expert on behavior and development." The New York Times

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Social skills, just like reading, multiplication or riding a bike need instruction and practice.  Some people are naturally more proficient. Some people take years to get their training wheels taken off.  As we need to interact with others to be successful in this world, social skills need to be given as much effort as any other skill you deem important in your child’s life.

Tracey Pugh

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